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Gloria_Becker_artist_with_StellaMany Monkeys Later started decades ago as a way to stay home and yet support my four children. I made animal related art, did my own patterns, first created frogs and mice then pigs, cows, rabbits, cats and other creatures. I always dressed them in lovely clothes, made from antique textiles and trims or cut up vintage clothes. My art evolved and often I got sidetracked into holiday things: Easter baskets, eggs, wreaths, pumpkins, witches, hearts etc. After many requests I started making Christmas wreaths, garlands, angels, nativities and eventually santas. I wanted them to be unlike any other, so I once again used the antique fabrics, trims, accoutrements and antique toys and accessories.


A small part of my personal sock monkey collection.

In the meantime, on occasion, I made pillows, shawls, purses and finished people’s needlepoint items. But after a studio, garage, storage units and house full of inventory for all these ventures, I now just do Christmas and those crazy sock-monkeys! (I do still finish needlepoint projects, too.) My undying love of nostalgia and animals has driven my life of creating, collecting and decorating. I often see myself in a fantasy world, but truth be known…I’m just an upscale, sophisticated recycler! I have had a lifetime relationship with antiques and am somewhat prone to hauling lots of “stuff” around. But it is great to do what you love and love what you do!

I have also collected and constructed sock monkeys for decades. You can’t look at one without smiling! Each one is different, as they were all made by hand, so the persona of each was formed by the single person that created it. Try owning one…soon they will own you, or at least your heart! I have tried to give a little insight into my history as an artist~ enjoy and remember CREATE DANGEROUSLY!

And finally to answer two of the most often asked questions:

Where did the name Many Monkeys Later come from?
Twenty some years ago I was on a morning TV show here in Houston with my animals. Later that day my son was talking to a friend and they said, “Wow! Your mom is going to be rich and famous!” To which my son replied “That’s gonna be many monkeys later!” My evesdropping paid off and hence Many Monkeys Later was my business name!

How long does it take you to make one of these?
Don’t know… I do not just work on one thing at a time start to finish.